If your child has difficulty sleeping and takes a long time to fall asleep or wakes up often during the night, it can be exhausting as a parent or carer and for any other children in the household where they get disturbed.

Your health visitor will be able to suggest some things you could try to help with promoting a good sleep pattern and you can also download the Helping your Child Sleep Guide from Contact here If you would like a copy of the guide sending to you can get in touch with Contact directly here

You can also visit https://howtosleep.co.uk/guides/the-complete-guide-to-insomnia. 

You can also get tips and access to useful resources and training courses available for parents and carers as well as practitioners who work with families from The Children’s Sleep Charity .

Your GP may refer you to a community paediatrician or psychiatrist who can assess your child’s needs around sleep and make suggestions about possible treatment options or behaviour plans that would help improve their sleep patterns.

Moshi have created a guide to sleep training including common methods and frequently asked questions.
The Lullaby Trust have information on safer sleep and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 
Last updated: 12/4/2022