All children can show behavioural problems but for a child with additional needs it can often be as a result of a medical condition, an inability for them to be able to communicate what they want or need or because they are uncomfortable with what may be happening or what they are doing at the time.

Types of behaviour that you may experience can include:

  • aggression such as biting, hitting or punching
  • smearing when they go to the toilet, are in bed or when you are out and about
  • self-harming
  • sexually inappropriate behaviour
  • Contact has produced a guide for parents and carers called Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour which you can download here 


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) have created a guide on how to teach road safety skills to children and young people with additional needs.

See also information on school suspensions and exclusions.

Last updated: 12/4/2022