Children and Young People with EHCP support

It is in Year 9 children will receive their first planning for adulthood transition review. This means the process starts in Year 9 (age 13 – 14) and can carry on until age 25, if necessary where a group of people will support the young people to plan, their journey into adult life. Young people that have an Education Health and Care (EHC) Plan must have Preparing for Adulthood Reviews and receive information, advice and support about their options and choices.

In order to achieve a robust pathway the Local Authority and the Clinical Commissioning Group have worked with and listened to parents, carers and young people and key partners across education, health and social care, employment and housing to develop a pathway that will support the achievement of key life outcomes.

Preparing for Adulthood Transitional Pathway Plan.docx

Supporting Guidance to Transitional Pathway Plan.docx

Our aim is

  • We aspire to embed PFA outcomes from Year 9  and map destinations and pathways, enabling young people (with SEND) to move successfully into adulthood
  • To prepare young people for adulthood and independent living as best as can be achieved
  • To have high aspirations around attainment and the four preparation for adulthood outcomes: employment and higher education, living independently, the best health possible and having friends and relationships and participating in their communities


The Annual review is the statutory process of looking at the needs and provision specified in an EHCP to see how your child is progressing and your plan is up to date.

Our EHCP Plan Agenda from Year 9 and PfA checklist contains information to support this process.

The 31st March is an important date for all young people with an EHCP Year 11 onwards. Young people with SEND moving on to a sixth form, college or work based learning should apply to the education provider in the usual way. If they have been assessed as requiring an EHC Plan the local authority will liaise with the young person and/or their parents/carers to decide which provider will be named in Section I. The local authority are legally required to issue an amended Final EHC Plan naming the next placement by 31 March (confirming the placement named in Section I of the EHC Plan for the young person to start from September of that year); this is to enable Post 16 education providers time to make appropriate transition arrangements.

The named sixth form/college or training provider must put in place the provision detailed in the EHC Plan and it must, at least once a year, make arrangements for its review. This provides an opportunity for the learners, parents/carers, the sixth form/college or training provider and other professionals involved to consider the progress the learner has made over the previous 12 months and whether any changes or amendments need to be made.

Last updated: 12/4/2022