You Said We Did 2023 - 2024

You Said We Did is where we listen to your feedback and do something about it. Our 'About Feedback' page tells you how we get feedback and how you can give feedback.

You Said is what you have told us needs improving.

We Did is what we are doing about that.

You Said 

We Did 

We would like Fitzwilliam and Kinsley to have access to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

We have contacted Wakefield Libraries to pass on this feedback.

Some of the links to the documents on the Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Next Steps page don’t work.

We are working with the website hosts to fix these links.

We would like to know how to contact the Special Education Needs Assessment and Review Team (SENART)

We will post about this on the WESAIL and Local Offer Facebook page.


You can find SENART’s contact details on the EHCP Process section of the Local Offer website.

You Said 

We Did 

We would like you to keep sharing the Local Offer newsletter link on Facebook.  

We will ensure that this link is shared after each newsletter is published.  

We would like to know of more places to go with our Max Cards.  

We will list more places on Facebook and in our Autumn Local Offer Newsletter 2023.  

We would like to know how to find WASP on the Local Offer website.  

We will be putting this in the Autumn Local Offer Newsletter 2023. We will also share this on Facebook. We have worked with WASP to update the WASP page on the Local Offer.  

The Contact Us page isn’t working.  

We have now fixed the Contact Us page.  

We would like contact details for the Early Intervention and Prevention Service (Family Hubs).  

We will make the contact details for Family Hubs clearer on the Local Offer website. We will also put contact details on our Facebook page and in a future newsletter.  

We would like you to confirm the address for The Limes Centre.  

We checked that the current details for The Limes Centre (PRU) on the Local Offer website are correct.  

We would like the information on how to join the Local Offer to be easier to find.  

We have put a link to this on the carousel of the Local Offer Homepage.  

Here are the comments you have made from October 2023 to December 2023. 

You Said

We Did

We would like you to keep sharing the WESAIL contact link.  

We posted about this on the WESAIL and LO Facebook page and will schedule regular reminders.  

We would like to keep knowing about services and events in the newsletter.  

We are working with our partners to ensure each newsletter has information on local SEND services, activities, events, and groups.  

We would like workshops on autism and neurodiversity and mental health at the Local Offer Live event.  

We are working with our partners to bring this information to the Local Offer Live event in May 2024. We will also share information about these topics on the WESAIL and Local Offer Facebook page and the Local Offer newsletter.  

We would like WISENDSS to be more obvious on the LO website.  

We will work with our partners to make this clearer. We will share this on the WESAIL and LO Facebook page.  

You Said  

We Did  

We would like to be able to speak to people for support as well as read information on the Local Offer website. 


We share telephone and face to face drop in details for all services that provide this. 


We would like up to date information about services on the Local Offer website.           


We have updated all the Things To Do providers. We are working on updating other services. You can also get up to date information on the Wakefield WESAIL and Local Offer Facebook page and from the News and Views newsletter


We would like information on mental health support for young people on the Local Offer website. 


We will continue to regularly share information about mental health support on our Wakefield WESAIL and Local Offer Facebook page. We also continue to share information in our Local Offer newsletter. We will also work with our key partners to add relevant mental health support to the Local Offer website

We would like more information about events and activities that take place evenings and weekends. 

We will share this information in future newsletters.

We would like events, courses or help for foster carers. 

We have contacted Wakefield Council to request further information. In the meantime, Wakefield Council’s fostering information on their website may help. 

We would like you to continue to share information about SEND-friendly activities for children and young people. 

We share this information weekly on the WESAIL and Local Offer Facebook page. We will continue to share SEND-friendly activities in future newsletters. 

Last updated: 3/5/2024