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Disagreement resolution services are for all parents of children and young people with SEN, and young people themselves with SEN. Using the service is voluntary and covers SEN provision as well as disagreements about health and social care. There are three areas of disagreement that this service can help with:

  • If you disagree with the LA, school/education provision about how they are carrying out their education, health and care duties. This applies if your child has any kind of SEN – it's not just if they are going being assessed for an EHC Plan or already have an EHC Plan.
  • If you disagree with the school/education provision about the SEN provision they are making.
  • If you disagree with the LA or Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) about the health or social care provision whilst your child is being assessed for an EHC Plan or about their EHC Plan, Review or Reassessment

Within Wakefield the Disagreement Resolution Service is provided via Collis Mediation Ltd who can be contacted on 07715 958290 or email info@collismediationltd.com. You can find out more about this service here.

Last updated: 12/5/2022