Wakefield Parent Carer Forum

Wakefield Parent Carer Forum is an independent parent led forum who work with families of children with special educational needs and/or disability, aged 0-25 years old, living in the Wakefield area. 

The forum is led by a group of local parents who are looking forward to listening to, and representing the views of parents, young people and children in the future. 

These parents all have a wide experience of what it is like to be a parent of a child with an additional need or disability in the Wakefield area.

We want to work together with you to make a positive difference and improve the quality of life for all children and families in Wakefield.
Reduce isolation for families 

Support services to enable families to cope better with the challenges resulting from interaction with various services 

Peer support for all SEND families in the Wakefield Area 

Support completing EHCP applications & other SEND paperwork

Provision of family activities, sibling support groups 

Working with other services in the Wakefield area to make a positive impact for SEND families (LA, CCG, WESAIL, KIDS & local support groups) 
In addition to our strategic work to improve services within the Wakefield district, we regularly host activities and events for parent/carers and their families. 

You need to register with us to take part, & here are just some of the projects we have to offer –

• Coffee & Chat
• Breakfast Club
• SEND Soft Play Sessions
• Fun Online Activities
• Lego Club
• Lending Library
• Sensory Shop
• Private Facebook Chat Group - just for parent/carers
• Safe Space for Peer Support
• Newsletter
• Training For Parent/Carers
• Engagement Events
• Adult Craft Sessions
• Regular Giveaways
• Support With Educational Issues
Visit our website today to register with us and join our friendly SEND community –
Last updated: 12/4/2022