WASP is a level two service and has been developed to help support families from going into crisis. WASP is commissioned to support children and young people aged 5 – 18.

Supporting emotional wellbeing, where a young person experiences anxiety and low mood as a result of Autism or where not diagnosed but identified needs or other neuro-developmental disorders.

Referrals must therefore, come from other professionals already working with the family/Young person with their explicit consent to do so. Please see the eligibility criteria below to ensure the referral is appropriate for the WASP service before completing the referral form.

The WASP service is a short term service that aims to work with families for up to 12 weeks, each family will be triaged and their individual needs will be assessed. 

A Bespoke package will then be created and discussed with the family/YP before it is implemented.

For both parents/carers and young people this may include a combination of both group work and individual support tailored around their assessed need by the WASP Practitioner. This will not always include individual therapy work with the Young Person and on occasion it may be deemed more appropriate that the parent/carer access solely an element of the support due to the young person’s needs being met elsewhere.

To be eligible to access the service they must be a Wakefield Resident, with a Wakefield GP.

WASP Referral Criteria 2022

WASP Referral Form

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