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Information and Support


This section of the website allows you to search for information and support for children aged 0-25 years with special educational needs and/or disabilities and their families as well as practitioners who may work with them.

It includes details about education, health and social care across the Wakefield district and, where appropriate, out of district or online.

How to find information

You can search this section of the website by clicking on any of the categories listed below. You will be taken to a search results page where you can use the additional filters available to refine the search results even more.

You can also use the Search available on every page of the website, for more details about how to make the best use of this, please click on How to use the site. 

Categories of Information

The list of the categories you can search on this section of the Local Offer website are:

Childcare – for details of childcare available.

Children’s First Hubs and Centres for details of children’s centres and Children First Hubs across the district

Education including Pathways - for information and support services for education. To find out about schools and other education providers please click here 

Health including Pathways - for information and support services for health. To find out about health service providers please click here 

Social Care - for information and support services for social care. To find out about social care providers please click here 

Parents/Carers – for information and support aimed at parents and carers.

People who may be involved – for details of teams on people who may be involved in providing support for families with children and young people with additional needs.

Personal Budgets – for details about personal budgets, the processes that apply and how to apply for an assessment of need for social care and support.

Young People – for information a support aimed at parents and carers.

Travel  to access services providing information about travel, transport and journey planning.

Once you have selected which section you would like to look at in more detail, you will also be able to filter the search results by the type of information and support e.g. education, Special Educational Need, Age and Post Code.

How to save information

You can save and print pages from the Local Offer website by using the My favourites function available.

Details you save will stay in My favourites until you delete them but you will need to save any favourite pages you have on each separate device i.e. smart phone, laptop, iPad etc you may use to look at the website.

Please note, if you do decide to print out information, you may need to double check the details are still up to date when you use it as pages on the website can be updated at any time.

For more details about saving and printing pages, please read How to use the site.

Who to contact if you need help

If you have problems finding information on the website or would like more help and support, you can contact the Wakefield Early Support, Advice and Information Liaison Service or WESAIL.

This service is provided on behalf of Wakefield Council by Barnardo’s and you can contact them directly by calling 01924 304152, email  

You can find out more about WESAIL here.

How to tell us about a problem

If you come across a broken link, see information which looks out of date or if you think information you want to know is missing from the Local Offer, you can use the Feedback facility to tell us about a particular page or you can contact us.

Last reviewed: 14/02/2020