Direct Payments

Choosing to receive your Personal Budget via a Direct Payment means that you are able to manage your own budget and support (supported by parent/carers or responsible adults where necessary). You may choose to do this by employing your own personal assistant (PA) or care agency. The important thing is that the support you arrange meets the outcomes agreed in your support plan/child in need plan.

What are the benefits of a Direct Payment?

  • You arrange and manage your own support
  • You have more choice in who helps support you
  • Support can be more flexible and creative and fit around your life and needs

What do I need to take in to account before I consider a Direct Payment?

Managing a Direct Payment can be quite time consuming and it is important that if you choose to manage your support in this way you are clear of what is involved.

Direct Payment arrangements are reviewed annually and will require a reassessment of needs to make sure the budget still meets your needs.

Misuse of Direct Payment funds can result in the Direct Payment agreement being withdrawn.

Last updated: 5/2/2023