What information will I be asked?

You can join the IN as a parent or carer of a child or young person with additional needs. Young people aged 16-25 years with additional needs can also join the IN themselves and will need to provide the same details as parent or carers listed below. They can do this if they are able to understand and make their own decisions what consent they will give about how we could use their information.

Practitioners who work with families with children and young people with additional needs can also join the IN. This can help them keep up to date with the latest news to be able to make families aware of what is available in the local area.

If you are a practitioner, including those who work in schools, health or voluntary organisation, we would need to know your contact details including email and where you work or how you help families with children with SEND.

As a parent or carer, including foster carer or grandparent etc. of a child or children with SEND, we ask you for:

•Your child or children’s names, date of birth and SEND details
•Details of ethnicity, which you can opt not to share
•Your contact details
•How you prefer us to contact you, by email or post.

We ask for information about your child or children so that we understand the needs of disabled children in our area up to and including the age of 25 years old. Information about ethnicity is asked for to help with any anonymous statistics the Council is asked for or must provide. You can choose to tell us or you can prefer not to say.

We ask you about how you would like us to address you when we write to you to make sure post is correctly written; some people like to use the title, initial and surname but some people may prefer we use their first name instead.

You can choose to get information from us by email or post. If we can send information to you by email it will reduce costs to produce things like the newsletter as well as postage costs, allowing funds to be used elsewhere. Receiving information by email will also mean you will get it sooner.

Last updated: 12/5/2022