How to access what we do

To ensure we are reaching the children who will benefit most from our support, we use the referral criteria set out below

If you have any queries as to whether the referral you are making is appropriate, please feel free to contact us to discuss your query on the telephone number listed below.

Age and /or clinical criteria 

Referrals for children aged under 2 ½ years

The child has a significant clinical need* and one of the following;

  • The child has a complex need and is under the care of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, a Dietician, Early Years SEND Team or Portage
  • The child is under a hospital or community-based paediatrician
  • The child has dysfluent speech (stammering)
  • The child has been referred to Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and have an identified hearing loss

*A significant clinical need relates to evidence of the following:

  •  Limited social responses or interaction with others
  •  Fleeting attention and listening skills
  •  Lack of imaginative play (dolls / tea set / toy animals / cars etc.)
  •  Difficulties understanding what is said to them

Referral Criteria for Language:

  • Less than 50 words at 2 ¾ years old
  • Exhibits little or no pretend play at 2 ¾ years old – may have language but is stereotyped
  • Child is aged 3+ with an 12 + month delay in comprehension / expression
  • Child has significant discrepancy of 12 months + between receptive and expressive language

Referral Criteria for Speech Sound difficulties    

Child must be 4 ¾ years old +


  • Child displays significant frustration
  • Sounds are distorted / disordered / using non-English sounds
  • Says the same word differently when saying it 2 or 3 times
  • Is not using, or has a severely restricted range of consonant sounds
  • Is not understood by those around them and is exhibiting little or no progress in speech development
  • Has severe phonological delay and are 4 years old (where there are 3 or more persisting phonological processes e.g. cluster reduction, gliding and backing)

If you would like to consider making a referral without attending a drop-in session, you can find the on-line referral form below.

Please bear in mind that all referrals are reviewed to ensure they are appropriate. Forms which do not have parental consent, or have insufficient information, will be returned. The referral form can be found here:

Last updated: 12/5/2022