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Wakefield Early Support Advice Information and Liaison Service

WESAIL have moved!


*Update April 2022 *

On 1st April our new contact email for the WESAIL service became

We welcome and appreciate your patience in changing all our documents, responding to emails and updating this page.

Our new website is

Our new phone number is 01924 965588. 



If you have used our service we would really like to know your thoughts! Please help us by filling in our WESAIL Initial Enquiry survey.

You can tell us what we are doing well. You can also tell us what else we can do to improve. This is called feedback and it will really help our service. Thank you!

WESAIL Introductory Pack

Introductory pack for parents and carers.

After you request a referral for SENDAISS or key worker support you would usually get a pack sent to you. These packs would contain personalised letters, data protection information and information about support services.  

Download the introductory pack contents here:

School and College Resource Pack (SCRP)

If you have a child or young person returning to nursery, school or college after the lockdown, visit our Back To School information section for links to resources and support.

WESAIL has developed a resource pack for schools and colleges to use to raise awareness of the service amongst children and young people. This is particularly so that children and young people with SEND know what the service does and how it can help them. The pack contains lots of information that can be shared with children and young people, including:

  • Assembly PowerPoint presentations about the service
  • Group session plans, and resources, on Wellbeing related topics that children and young people with SEND have told us are important for them to learn about. They are:
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Managing angry feelings


The resource pack also contains information from WESAIL’s young people’s advisory group, Kid Squad, regarding what they want from schools and how they want to be supported. Here are their reasons as to why you should use the pack in your school or college:

  • It will help children and young people with SEND to know that it is OK to need extra support, and that they are not alone.
  • It will help other children and young people to understand about the support that children and young people with SEND may need in school or college.
  • It will help children and young people to understand what’s going on for them.
  • It will help children and young people to understand about the different resources out there.
  • WESAIL might be able to help the children and young people that you work with.
  • It might give you some information that you don’t already know.
  • It might help you to get to know a child or young person better.
  • It will help you to care for the children and young people that you work with.


The pack can be accessed by clicking on this link:

Resource Pack

The following are resources that accompany the pack (note – all resources are referenced in the pack, which explains when and how they can be used).

Resource 1 - What is SENDIASS - info sheet for young people.docx

Resource 2 - Assembly for use with all children and young people_.pptx

Resource 3 - Assembly for use with all children and young people - includes additional inclusion element.pptx

Resource 4 - Assembly for use with children and young people with SEND_.pptx

Resource 5 - pre-recorded presentation on WESAIL for children and young people with SEND.mp4

Resource 6 - Confidence and self esteem - PowerPoint for in-person group sessions.pptx

Resource 7 - Confidence and self esteem - This is me.doc

Resource 8 - Confidence and self esteem - my goal.doc

Resource 9 - Confidence and self esteem - Evaluation.docx

Resource 10 - Confidence and self esteem - Information sheet (for after the session).pdf

Resource 11 - Anxiety and stress - PowerPoint for group sessions.pptx

Resource 12 - Anxiety and stress - What happens to your body.doc

Resource 13 - Anxiety and stress - Anxiety and stress action plan.docx

Resource 14 - Anxiety and stress - Things I can do to take my mind off my worries.doc

Resource 15 - Anxiety and stress - Evaluation.docx

Resource 16 - Anxiety and stress - Information sheet (for after the session).pdf

Resource 17 - Managing angry feelings - PowerPoint for group sessions.pptx

Resource 18 - Managing angry feelings - What makes your angry.doc

Resource 19 - Managing angry feelings - Letting anger out safely and feeling calm.docx

Resource 20 - Managing angry feelings - Evaluation.docx

Resource 21 - Managing angry feelings - Information sheet (for after the session).pdf

Who are we for

Wakefield Early Support Advice Information Liaison (WESAIL) is available to parents and carers of a child or a young person, who has, or may have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) aged 0-25 years who are living within the Wakefield District.

This service is also available to young people themselves and those working with families.

The contract is currently held by Family Action. Find out more by visiting

What do we do

Wakefield Early Support, Advice,Information and Liaison (WESAIL) provides a free, confidential and impartial service - which means we do not take sides and try to ensure everyone is given opporunities to express their views and feel listened to.

WESAIL provide information, advice, support and signposting according to need by either by telephone or where needed on an individual or targeted basis. We share details of events on the Local Offer, our facebook page and provide information through the Information Network.

WESAIL offers information covering a range of matters relating to Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) including education, health, social care, personalisation, personal budgets along with benefits and leisure.

The aim of the WESAIL service is to support children, young people, their parents, carers and families by providing information to navigate systems and processes so that they can play an active role in decision making about matters relating to their or their children's health, education, social care to support and empower them in meeting their child's needs and promoting self-advocacy.

Referrals for support can be made by telephone or directly to the service by either

  • Young People
  • Parents or Carers
  • Someone working with the family where the parent/carer or young person has given consent

WESAIL is also responsible for updating the Local Offer and engaging with children, young people, families and stakeholders in its ongoing development and review. The aim of the local Offer is to help people easily find information about the services, activities and supportavailable in the local area for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and /or Disabilities and their families.

Read our WESAIL Annual Report 2020-2021 to find out about what we have been doing, the support we have offered and the progress we have made over the past year.

Download our WESAIL PowerPoint to find out more.

When are we available

You can contact us directly Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm by telephone or email.

Please note we do not offer appointments at our stated office address.

Contact us

Distance Learning Packages for Professionals

Please find below our new “Distance Learning workshops”.

These have been designed to be used flexibly - either independently; virtually such as in a team meeting or as a *face to face workshop (*where social distancing rulings can be met).

The pack includes: PowerPoint presentation Supportive documents Pre & post evaluation forms

NB: The pack is a distanced learning package in that all you need for it is within the attachments. You are not required to book or partake in anything additional.

We have devised it to aid services to work remotely and for those that need the flexibility to train staff as/when they can rather than at pre-determined dates set by us. We have not listed timings to them as individuals may choose to do in bite sized chunks

Professionals can train at their own pace: individually with a member of your team acting as “host” to use the PowerPoint for a virtual workshop so staff can partake in the group work that is shown on the slides

Or for those that are able, you might deliver it yourselves in a group setting face to face. The choice is yours!

Please be sure to complete and return the evaluation forms as detailed in order that we can continually improve our resources.

Happy work-shopping!

An Introduction to Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD):

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder PowerPoint Presentation

WESAIL Policies

To find out about our policies on how we may use your details, our service and what to do it you have a complaint about WESAIL, please see the policies listed below.

If you are wishing to make a complaint, please contact us at

Minimum Standards

The new Minimum Standards for Information Advice and Support Services (IASS, sometimes known as SENDIASS) were finalised in September 2018. These are part of the Information Advice and Support Programme (IASP) and will be the basis of future operational plans and linked funding in 2019/20.

The standards were drawn up by a group of IASS managers, parents, Local Authority representatives and the chair of the IASP board, in consultation with the Department for Education. They are based on the law, the SEND Code of Practice and the IASS Quality Standards (which they now supercede). The consultation process received feedback from IAS Services, LA staff, third sector organisations, health services and parents.

We use the term ‘advocacy’ in these standards, and we are using a definition of advocacy which we think accurately describes the work and role of IASS.

An easy read version of the standards is available to download below.

IASS Minimum Standards - Easy Read Version

Useful Information

Our Latest Factsheets:

Barnardos WESAIL and Children's Advocacy and Participation Service (CAPS) have made an Easy Read leaflet called 'Steps To Support'. This about how they support children and young people to have their say.

Other Factsheets

If there are any key topics you think should be included, please click on the Feedback button at the bottom of the page and let us know.

Useful Groups and Services

SEND Information and Advice Providers

Just for Kids Law , a member of the Special Educational Needs Consortium the Council for Disabled Children chairs, have launched a new Exclusions Hub.  

It contains accessible information, support, advice and guidance regarding the process and practice of school exclusions and how to challenge them.  

This is a free resource which can be used by a child or young person, or a family member, who would like information, advice and support regarding school exclusions.  

You can access the Hub here https: //

SOS!SEN , included on the SEND Information and Advice Providers document available below, also has a number of handounts available to download free of charge. They offer a helpline service during term time and have several mini guides available to buy from there website.

If you live outside the Wakefield District, you can find details of the SENDIASS service in your area by visiting the Information, Advice and Support Services website.

Find your local Information Advice Service