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ASD - Behaviour

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Behaviour is a way for a child or young person to communicate. This means behaviour is their way of letting you know something is not right, but they can't or don't know how else to communicate that.

It can be seen like an iceberg - the behaviour is what you see above the water, but there's lots more going on underneath the surface!

a cross section of an iceberg showing more iceberg under the surface than above the water

‘Challenging behaviour’ is how we talk about a range of behaviours which some people with severe learning disabilities may display to get needs met." - The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

Find out more about what challenging behaviour is and can look like by visiting the Challenging Behaviour Foundation's website.

Useful links

very angry boy clenching fists
Yvonne Newbold's website has a series of videos to help and support children who have extreme behaviours and who also have an additional need. 
a parent puts her arm around a young girl who is crying
Yvonne Newbold's website also has resources on understanding and reducing extreme behaviour in children with SEND.
the front page of the council for disabled child's document on behaviour
If you are concerned about your child's behviour the Council for Disabled Children have created a behaviour guide with information and where to go for help.
the word bild in blue on a white background have positive behaviour support and resources for families.
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Last reviewed: 23/06/2021