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ASD - Social Communication

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Social communication is how we use our bodies, voice and brain to interact with the world around us. This is something that people with autism may find difficult. The National Autistic Society has information on understanding and supporting development of communication.

Tha National Autistic Society has more information on social communication and how to support it in the classroom.

Useful Links

Council for Disabled Children logo white text on turquoise background

The Council For Disabled Children (CDC) has a communications toolkit for working with children and young people.

SLCF blue writing with blue bar chart

The Speech Language and Communication Framework (SLCF) has a professional development tool for those working with children and young people with communication difficulties.

National Autistic Society in purple writing with rainbow circle

The National Autistic Society (NAS) has a guide on social stories and comic strip conversations. This can help if you need to create a social story or comic strip for a child or young person.

Happer Learners logo in rainbow writing in a blue and green rectangle

Happy Learners Info has many social story examples.

twinkl logo with blue writing on a white cloud

Twinkl have many social stories which can be edited. Please note that they may not be free to download.

Parent Info in blue and turquoise writing have a guide for parents and carers on Learning Disabilities, Autism and Internet Safety.

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Last reviewed: 23/06/2021