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SEN Support


If progress is not being made or your child’s needs cannot be met with addition support the school will, in consultation with parents or carers, submit a request for involvement. This stage can include putting in place a My Support Plan, further assessments of needs, observing lessons, a programme of specialist sessions from an advisory teacher.

What is a My Support Plan (MSP)?

My Support Plan should identify how the delegated budget and access to services through the Local Offer can be made to support the child/young person, as well as how a range of professionals are offering support.

MSP is a framework to record:

  • What is important to the child/young person and their family and how best to support them
  • Contributions from all advice givers
  • A shared understanding of an individual's strengths and needs
  • What is in place and what needs to change
  • Agreed outcomes and actions

MSP is not a statutory document. However, it is the document which educational settings (including Pre-5 and Post-16 settings) will use to request a statutory assessment. It forms the basis for the subsequent EHC Plan (if determined as appropriate) and should remain in place, even if the decision is to not proceed to a statutory assessment. You can download the Wakefield MSP documents here:

The Process

A flow chart of a pathway of support for children, young people and their families can be downloaded here.

Phase 1

  1. Initial request - Family or professional request co-ordinated support
  2. Lead practitioner is identified – This is someone already known (or allocated) to the child/young person agrees to co-ordinate the support
  3. Lead practitioner meets with the child/ young person and family - An initial meeting takes place and the family and young person agree who to invite to the planning meeting.
  4. Planning meeting - The Planning Meeting will agree a coordinated plan - "My Support Plan".
  5. My support plan review meeting held – Outcomes and actions set at the meeting are reviewed. The support will either end, continue or move to phase 2

Phase 2

As a result of the My Support Plan meeting further advice, evidence gathering or referral is need. Once further advice/evidence has been gathered/received a further Planning Meeting is held.

Following this the coordinated support will either end, continue or move to phase 3

Phase 3

A request for a statutory assessment for an Education Health and Care Plan can be made.

This can be done when the My Support Plan demonstrates that a coordinated plan is already in place AND where the child/young person needs something which is additional to or different from the support in Bands 1 - 3 of the Wakefield SEN Matrix. You can download the SEN Matrix here.

Last reviewed: 25/11/2019