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Autism Assessment Pathway


Wakefield are currently developing an Autism Strategy and discussions about this are taking place at the next parent carer engagement event on Thursday 20 June 2019. Parents and carers are invited to join the session to help develop it's vision and the areas of focus for the strategy.

As part of developing our Autism Strategy the ASD pathways below will be discussed with parents and carers to understand if these are appropriate or if they require changing.

Full details of the next parent carer engagement event are below.

The pathway aims to give flexibility to ensure a child has access to the assessments they need to inform professionals and obtain an accurate and informed outcome, whilst maintaining the reduced waiting time that was seen in the past. Another aim is to ensure no child has unnecessary and additional assessments, if they are not required to inform a diagnosis.

The current pathway is divided, with children aged 0-14 being assessed by Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS trust, and young people over the age of 14 being seen and assessed by CAMHS service. Ongoing work with the pathway review will merge the pathways to ensure equity and equal access to the pathway for children and young people across Wakefield district.

Assessment Pathway for 0-14 years old

The pathway, which can be downloaded below under Useful Documents and Links, guides professionals to the starting point that a child enters, however is not prohibitive in its implementation i.e. if additional visits or assessments are required to inform diagnosis then clinicians are encouraged to do so.

Nationally agreed criteria are used to guide triage and diagnosis.

Updated referral form:

Assessment Pathway for over 14 years old

The pathway for ages 14+ can be downloaded below under Useful Documents and Links.

Anyone can refer for an assessment for autism. It is encouraged that the professional that knows the child best makes the referral.

The referral has to include information from parent and other professional who knows the child well.

A clinician involved in the assessment pathway triages all referrals.

Upcoming Parent Consultation Events

Autism Strategy

Wakefield's Autism Strategy is going to be updated in line with new national guidance. We welcome your thoughts on our current strategy and these can be sent to Jo Rooney.

You Said.. We Did.. ASD Parent Carer Engagement November 2018

Useful Documents and Links

To find out more about parents and carers experiences of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Pathway, you can hear more from families themselves by watching the video below.

Autism Assessment Pathway for 0-14 years old - April 2019

Autism Assessment Pathway for ages 14+ - April 2019

A Guide to Support for Families with ASD in the Wakefield District - Booklet

A Guide to Support for Families with ASD in the Wakefield District - Wallet Sized

Last reviewed: 24/05/2019