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Personal Budgets

What is a Personal Budget?

A Personal Budget is a way to give families control and flexibility to choose and pay for the services they need. It is an allocation of funding to meet a child’s, young person’s or adult’s (18 years plus) assessed and eligible, unmet support needs.

A Personal Budget is not additional funding, it is about using existing funding in a way that suits your needs better.

Who can request a Personal Budget?

To have a Personal Budget, you must first have worked with a practitioner to complete an assessment of your (or your child’s) needs. If the assessment shows that you have unmet needs, then some or all of these may be eligible for support and you can choose how the support is delivered via a Personal Budget. For more information about how to get an assessment of your needs, please click here

There are different processes and procedures to follow for Personal Budgets depending on whether your Personal Budget is for health services, children’s care services, adult’s care services or a combination that includes Education. For more information, please see the Personal Budgets Processes and Procedures section below.

Managing a Personal Budget*

Once assessed and agreed, there are 4 ways in which a personal budget can be managed:

  • Direct Payment – funding is given directly to the family by the Local Authority for them to manage as a cash budget
  • Managed Budget – the Local Authority arranges and pays for services on behalf of the family. Families do not need to manage any of the funding themselves
  • Individual Service Fund – a third party organisation or agency manages the Personal Budget on behalf of the family with support provided in line with the person’s wishes.
  • Combination – a mix of the three options above

*Adults will be means tested under the Adult Social Care Charging Policy. This will determine if they need to make a financial assessment contribution towards the cost of their care. Please click here for more information

Services Available as a Personal Budget

The services across education, health and social care that lend themselves to the use of Personal Budgets will change over time and so the information regarding these services will be updated on a regular basis, and at least annually.

For information about the services currently available for a Personal Budget, please click here

Personal Budgets Policy

The joint Personal Budgets policy (applicable to children’s and adult’s services) sets out the following information:

  • Eligibility
  • Funding included within a Personal Budget
  • Calculating the Personal Budget
  • Agreeing the Personal Budget
  • Managing and Using the Personal Budget
  • Negotiation and Disputes
  • Inclusion and Exclusion of Services

Please click here for the Personal Budgets Policy .

Personal Budgets Processes and Procedures

The different processes and procedures to follow for Personal Budgets are all listed in the Handbook. The Handbook is currently under development but will be added to this page shortly.

A summary of the most common processes can be found by clicking on the relevant links below:

Other Information

Further resources on Personal Budgets are available through the ‘Making it Personal’ project, funded by the Department for Education. This includes guidance for parents, commissioners and suppliers as is available here.

For more information about Personal Health Budgets, speak to your Community Nurse or Lead Health Worker.

For more information about Personal Budgets linked to children and young people under the age of 18 years, or their parent carers, please contact: Social Care Direct on 0345 8 503 503 or email social_care_direct@wakefield.gov.uk

For more information about Personal Budgets linked to adults over the age of 18 years, or their carers, please contact: Social Care Direct on 0345 8 503 503 or email social_care_direct@wakefield.gov.uk


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