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Assessment Journey


In Wakefield we want to make sure that when a child/young person needs extra help because of their Special Educational Needs or Disabilities, they are supported as soon as possible. Lots of work is done by schools and support services to try to ensure that the right level of support is put in place and this all needs to be joined up if it is going to work best.

Depending on your individual child’s needs, they may not need to go through all four stages, for example, an EHCP may need to be put in place straightaway or your child’s needs may be met as part of Quality First Teaching. You can download more information on the pathway of support here (hyperlink to document Pathway of Support). This is also called the graduated approach.

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Details of the stages are included below.

Early Support

Quality First Teaching

The school will look at what the concerns are and what early interventions can be put in place to support the child. If progress is not being made additional support will be put in place.

Additional Support

The school will contact the Advisory Support Services for advice which could include training for staff.  If progress is not being made or your child’s needs cannot be met with additional support, the school will, in consultation with parents or carers, submit a request for involvement. To find out more please see our Support needed (Early Stages) (hyperlink to the Supported needed (Early Stages) page) section of the website.

SEN Support

This stage can include putting in place a My Support Plan, further assessments of needs, observing lessons, a programme of specialist sessions from an advisory teacher or advisory education support assistant etc. if progress is not being made or your child’s needs cannot be met with SEN support. To find out more please see our SEN Support (hyperlink to the SEN Support page) section of the website.

Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

An EHCP is a statutory assessment for children and young people aged 0-25 who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities. It involves a multi-agency assessment of your child’s needs which may result in an EHCP being put in place. To find out more please see our Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) (hyperlink to the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) page) section of the website.

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